My Cafe Recipes & Stories 3.2.2021 | Vip Mod


What's New ?

Hello , in This Update :
For Players of level 8+:
Help Comet find the perfect gift for her Grandma and grandpa anniversary .Collect Candies and exchange them for limited decorations at the Unique item shop.
Find out in Andy Can break his way out of friend-zone and win Nicole's Heart .
Love Season .Earn Trophies in Festivals,and the love Bear will bring you more Diamonds.

Mod Features 

  1. Free Shop: This function will let free buy (Using gold, diamonds, and ruby).
  2. Hack Exp: This function will the number you select as exp for any exp point earned.
  3. Leveling up so fast in one day will Immediately Ban Your Cafe - So Use it Wisely.            
  4. Unlock Shop: This function will unlock all of the items in the shop which require level to unlock.
  5. Refresh Data From Server: This function will let you play Bill Quiz's, Roll Dice with Margaret, and sell Furniture without any limit.
  6. Cheat Roll Dice: This function will allow you to Unlimited Roll Dice in the Bunny Game .
  7. Fake Vip Level: This function will fake the VIP level for you to level 7. You can hire 5th staff. This is just fake data. Not real.
  8. (Real Vip Must be bought with REAL MONEY !)
  9. Cheat Deliver Order: This function will let you deliver phone orders immediately without any limit. you can get unlimited spices from it.
  10. Instant Festival Finish Tasks : This will Finish your festival tasks immediately without even doing it . 
  11. Hack Speed Staff: This function will let your staff move                 Faster.!
  12. Cheat mission: This function will unlock all missions for you. And the only thing you need is completing them by talking with your customer.
  13. Instant Refill Machine: This function will refill your machine immediately.
  14. Disable Anti Cheat: This function will make you safe Using Cheats inside the Mod. added the Anti Ban also to this MOD.
  15. Dice 1 Point : this will alow you to jump 1 Board on the bunny Board
  16. Diamonds Hack from Festival tasks : this will give you the number you select as Diamonds (Up to 30k) each time you finish a task !
  17. Open Gifts in any order : this will allow you to open gifts in any order you like !
  18. Cheat Expedition : this allows you to have unlimited energy.


  1. Any File Manager. Like Es File Explorer (link below).
  2. My Cafe Mod .
  3. O4F Activation System

How to Install the Download and Install The Mod 

  1. Download The Mod File.
  2. Install the Mod file and Extract OBB.
  3. Activate daily license .
  4. Enjoy your game.

Common Problems 

1) Testing Service showing "PLEASE REFRESH THIS PAGE!!!" Then you need to do the following :
  1. Delete Service.
  2. Install Service.
  3. Update Service .
2) Exp , Dice , Diamonds Hack won't Work try doing :
  1. Try again by clicking on patch Data .
  2. Close the game and reopen it again.
  3. Wait a while like (1 hour) before trying again.
3)The Mod Menu Dissappeared :
  1. Open Settings 
  2. Go to Apps
  3. then Search for O4F Activation System , My Cafe
  4. Open Permission
  5. Give floating window permission.


Download Links

Profile 1 : Up-4ever , Up-load.io , DropGalaxy

Profile 2 : Up-4ever , Up-load.io  , DropGalaxy

Activation system : Up-4ever , Up-load.io , DropGalaxy

ES File Explorer : Click Here